Herman Melville’s Moby Dick Revived for Audiobook

It seems that one of the most talked about books in history is Moby Dick by Herman Melville. For those who consider themselves literature buffs, this book has proven to be one of the most striking pieces ever written. However, for those who aren’t avid readers, it can seem a little bit daunting due to its size. And it is this school of thought that has led to the creation of the audio version of this book.

Its safe to say that many can feel somewhat intimidated or (to say the very least) distracted by the pronunciations and various forms of symbolism present. So it’s to the audio version’s credit that the reader can allow themselves to get completely lost in the narration itself. This book starts off with one of the most well-known opening sentences in the history of literature, “Call me Ishmael.” and the story continues to get better from this point on. The author artfully crafts his description of events in such a way that allows the readers to seemingly become apart of the story rather than just merely a captive audience.

Moby Dick Audiobook

So what exactly is this book about? The story goes into detail about the life of a man named Ishmael. Captain Ahab hires Ishmael to work on his boat. Ahab has a strong desire to kill a whale by the name of Moby Dick. His desire to capture the large animal stems from his need to settle a score with him after the fish attacked him and ate his leg. The story delves into how the captain’s need for revenge spurs him to dedicate his life to looking for the great white whale. As time progresses, he gets closer and closer in his pursuit.

One of the most acclaimed audio versions is that which is narrated by Frank Mueller. Often described as somewhat of a genius, Muller’s interpretation of this story brings its characters and environment to life. As you listen to Moby Dick Audiobook free online, one can practically smell the saltwater as it splashes onto the little rowboats. The way he carries his voice can somewhat lull the reader to due to his expert use of pitch and rhythm. Mueller also does a stellar job of giving each character they’re own unique and distinct voice. His timing is steady and his delivery succinct. Throughout this audio version, though the narrator takes care to make his interpretation distinctive and memorable, he still manages to keep the tone and feel of the original book itself.

If you are someone who is interested in reading one of the most significant and most talked about classics and would like to experience it from a theatrical point of view, then the audiobook version of Moby Dick may be just the thing for you. It adds a little more life to the story without taking away your ability to use your imagination. This could also be a fun and fascinating tool for parents who would like to share their joy of the book with their young children.

About Audiobooks and Why They Are Popular

In the recent past, Ebooks and audiobooks have gained a lot of popularity. But, why is this so? Many reasons can be attributed to this popularity that has seen Ebooks and audiobooks record an increase in the volume of sales. And although the increase is still far from the anticipated, there’s no doubt that the growth is taking a positive direction.

The availability of tablets and smartphones can be attributed to the increased popularity of the Ebooks and audiobooks. Today, with just some few clicks on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to read an Ebook- something that was previously not possible! Better yet, these devices are readily portable, leaving people with no option but to embrace their use.

Another thing that can be attributed to the popularity of audiobooks and Ebooks is the fact that they’re lowly priced. Yes, they’re cheaper compared to printed books! And since people like economizing, most of them have already embraced the use of Ebooks and audiobooks.

Some of the benefits of using audiobooks include great interpretive reading and the fact that they provide various topics for discussions. As for Ebooks, they’re highly versatile and thus can carry large volumes of data. Also, you can read them wherever you’re.

In simple words, the popularity of the audiobooks and Ebooks can be attributed to the fact that they’re simple to use, convenient and highly reliable.